Discover why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the hottest and fastest growing martial art in Pasadena.

Anybody Can Train

People come to our world-class martial arts training for many reasons: to learn self-defense and discipline, to reduce stress and improve health, or simply to have fun. No matter your motivation, you’ll find your tribe at Straight Blast Gym

Every person who walks through our door:

  • Stays healthy while learning something new & having fun
  • Loses weight, improve fitness, & develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Makes new friendships & surround themselves with people who want to make them better & help them succeed.
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"If you want a place that has people who are friendly while still work hard, and who will give it their all while being super conscious about the potential injuries that go with any contact sport, this is the place to be. In just under six months, I've added a lot of lean muscle mass and cut a significant percentage of body fat...I'm now going there 5 - 6 times a week - purely because it's such good fun and the people there are awesome."

Daniel Scott via Yelp

Beginner-Friendly Classes

Our beginner-friendly classes makes Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) accessible to new students.

Regardless of where you start all of our programs are built on learning the fundamentals.

Learning the fundamentals is a continuous building process; a process of learning and applying the concepts and details within each skill you learn in class.

Our Foundations Program gives you a solid set of skills you need to prepare you for future training and our immersive Combat Athlete Program.

Regardless of your athletic ability, with hard work and consistency our 18 lesson BJJ curriculum gives you the fundamentals and skills you need to create a strong foundation for your martial arts training.

SBG class 5-30-19b

Why SBG SoCal?


Learn to be calm under pressure, be comfortable being uncomfortable, & use skills that keep you safe in real life situations.


Coaches who are not only accomplished athletes but make training fun and engaging. Nobody will be more invested in your growth and improvement than an SBG coach.


Surround yourself with people who strive to be better, challenge you, and want you to succeed on and off the mats.

sbg socal ironman jiu jitsu

"I have now been an active member in both the MMA Fight Science and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes for about  6 Months. Everyone in class is good spirited, egos are left outside the mat. Everything is explained in detail, with great patience, perfect articulation and with great attention to the details. I never felt intimidated and all the higher belts make an effort to make you feel welcomed and go out of their way to make sure you are doing the drills correctly."

Cris DePaolis - Adult BJJ & MMA

Straight Blast Gym SoCal Foundations Jiu Jitsu Classes Are Perfect For Anyone

In these Beginner friendly classes, students learn the concepts, principles and the mechanics of Jiu Jitsu. This is an intelligently designed, custom built, step-by-step curriculum delivered in a fun and interactive environment. The sole purpose of the SBG foundation class is to make Jiu Jitsu accessible to anybody. You do NOT need to be an athlete, be physically gifted or need any prior training to join this class. It is 100% guaranteed to teach you HOW JIU JITSU WORKS.

This program includes Jiu Jitsu self-defense techniques, an introduction to all of the key positions of Jiu Jitsu (the mount, cross sides, knee ride, the back), and how to troubleshoot out of tough situations.

The Foundations class is the starting point of your future success in Jiu Jitsu.