On this page, as a reference, students and potential students will find information pertaining to our curriculum. As we are always adding to and refining our programs, this page is always under construction.



Tonight, we worked on:

Handfighting, pummeling/swimming, solving problems of single and double neck ties. We used ‘answering the phone’/covering, posture, swimming/snaking, trapping the forearm/ballistically turning to get a two on one grip to solve single neck ties. We solved double neck ties/Thai clinching with swimming/snaking, trapping both hands over the top with the ulna and pressuring our attacker’s face, cross-grabbing the opposite side elbow from underneath and turning/grabbing the head from around the back. We talked about offense/defense with knees, breaking our opponents' posture and loading our rear leg for knees. We did a drill to close the distance, get a tie-up, giving the defender the opportunity to solve the tie-up, and mount offense of their own. We also talked about head position in the clinch, and use of piking our opponents’ head. 



First day back since construction! In the AM BJJ and PM BJJ classes we covered arm bar prevention from guard top, as well as base, posture, and guard breaking. From guard bottom, we worked on breaking down the posture of the person in guard, breaking grips.

In adult MMA/Self-Defense, we warmed up with a review of a kickboxing fighting structure, a simple footwork drill, shadow boxing with offense and defense. We did a review of slipping high line, straight line attack (jabs and crosses) responses: 'cuffing' the same side hand attacks, or slipping, the 'side crunch method'. We also covered using a 'Muay Thai triangle cover' to deal with high line, hooking punches. We also discussed self-defense considerations related to these problems.