Anybody Can Train

Everyone from elementary school children to stay-at-home-moms, white-collar professionals to blue-collar technicians, newly retired and the not-so-newly retired who have found our tribe STAY because the training is REAL, the results are REAL and most importantly the people are REAL.

Why is finding a tribe like this important?

Success in any gym environment is dependent on the people you train with. Our community is filled with like-minded members and families, who encourage when things get tough and cheer when you overcome. We remind each other that little things like getting a good night's sleep, applying Jiu Jitsu in your everyday life (using minimum effort for maximum results i.e. leverage), using your days off of work in a healthy and fulfilling way (going for hikes, going surfing, spending time playing with your family), become a huge factor in your ongoing success. This is what it means to be a part of our tribe.

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"I have now been an active member in both the MMA Fight Science and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes for about  6 Months. Everyone in class is good spirited, egos are left outside the mat. Everything is explained in detail, with great patience, perfect articulation and with great attention to the details. I never felt intimidated and all the higher belts make an effort to make you feel welcomed and go out of their way to make sure you are doing the drills correctly."

Cris DePaolis - Adult BJJ & MMA

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One Tribe. One Vibe.

Discover the difference...being part of the SBG Tribe makes you a part of a larger worldwide community of Straight Blast Gym International, alongside people of all walks of life in gyms located throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, and Estonia. At the heart of our training is a desire to find what works and train it.

Our coaches are dedicated to helping each member of our tribe to identify and reach their goals.

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"The instructors conduct classes with compassionate discipline, humor and well organized, targeted lesson plans. My child is learning practical, physical skills as well as esteem building social skills like how to assert himself, goal setting and self respect."

Amy R - Parent

Our Location in Pasadena, CA

FAQ: What's your free trial all about?

It's simple. A chance for you to meet us, try a class or two, and learn a bit more about the vibe of our gym.

FAQ: How much are classes/memberships?

We are a membership-based gym, so prices vary. We have multiple payment options to choose from to fit any budget and offer steep discounts to folks interested in our membership programs.


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